Updating the Roster and eMail List

Hi Cruisers!

I hope you’ve taken some time during these unseasonably warm days for some windshield time!  I know I have.   As we progress into the 2012 season, the first order of business is to update the roster and the email list.   We’re not at all interested in pushing anyone out, but if you haven’t ridden with us in a year or more and don’t intend to start soon, there isn’t any reason to stay on the roster or the email list.   So.. check your email for a message from me.   If you’re planning on continuing to ride with us, be sure to respond to my email and let me know.   More importantly, if you didn’t get the email, let me know quickly as that probably means your information isn’t current with the club.   I’ll be cleaning out the inactive members in about two weeks.

I look forward to riding with you all again this season!