Short Notice Ride – Waldo OH, Fried Bologna!

Good Evening Cruisers,

The weather is supposed to be awesome on Saturday and Dee and I are in the mood for some fried bologna sandwiches from G&R Tavern up in Waldo.  As such, weather permitting (because we all know it can change) I’m going to be riding up there on Saturday and leading a ride if anyone wants to go along.

I plan to leave from “somewhere” about 10AM, enjoy a leisurely ride up there and have lunch.  Ride back will be leisurely too, but maybe a bit more direct depending on how long we spend at G&R.

I will be leaving from home in Hamilton, but we can set up a “start” point based on who else wants to go along, so if you’re interested in going, please let me know and we’ll plan a convenient meeting point to start.

If bologna isn’t your thing, the menu is here:—Sandwiches.html   The various pies for dessert are to die for.


Update: 20130405-1800

Not much response on this ride so far.   At this point, the plan is that I’m rolling out from Hamilton about 9:30.    I’ll be cruising through Red Lion, Waynesville, Xenia and Mechanicsburg.   We’ll be meeting up with at least one from 179 in Mechanicsburg before heading on to Waldo for those fried bologna sandwiches.    Everyone is welcome to join.  If you want to go along, let me know where you want to join up with us.

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