Who needs a chapter website?

Fellow Southern Cruisers Chapters:

The Southern Cruisers is a diverse group of people with a hugely diverse skill set and at least one thing in common:  the love of the ride.  Personally, I feel that whenever possible we should put that diverse skill set to good use to help others that share our interests.

As First Officer of Chapter 044, I have the same challenges as the rest of you.  One of them is providing a central location for information about my chapter and it’s rides.  I do that with this website, and fortunately for me, one of my skills is server, email and website management and I have a number of my own servers at my disposal.

This is fortunate, because, as a free club, there isn’t a bunch of money to go around to pay for website and email hosting.  My chapter is the beneficiary of my ability to do these things at no cost to the chapter.

I’ve decided to extend my help to the Southern Cruisers as a whole.  If your chapter is in need of a website, or has a website and is in need of hosting, I will host your chapter’s site and if needed, set up one similar to this one for free.  As a bonus, you can also have email like mine: sweigold@scrc-miamivalley.com.  I don’t have tons of free time though, so you’re going to have to have an administrator with at least enough skill to update pages occasionally.  Since I generally use a WordPress platform for such sites, learning to do so isn’t much of a challenge.

If your chapter needs a website, drop me an email and lets get something set up for you.

~Steve Weigold, First Officer