RSVP Policy

Now that we’re part way into the season, it’s become apparent to me that we’re going to continue to have the same issues with turnout that we’ve had for several years now.  Hopefully with the recruiting that I, Mark and others are doing, this will become less of a problem.
In the mean time though, it’s very frustrating to those of us planning and leading rides to have no response to ride announcements and no or very few show up.
Thus, effective immediately, I’m instituting an RSVP policy.  In order to guarantee that a ride will occur, RSVPs are required.  Any ride without confirmed attendees by RSVP at least 18 hours prior to the ride briefing time is subject to being cancelled at the discretion of the Ride Captain.
Day of ride show ups are and always will be welcome, but in order to ensure that the Ride Captain’s time isn’t wasted waiting on no one, a lack of confirmed riders may mean there isn’t a ride to attend.
Further, if you know for a fact that you cannot attend, please have some respect for the Ride Captain and RSVP no. It’s equally frustrating to plan and schedule a ride and simply have no response, and it makes us wonder if the ride planning announcement is even being read.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you on our rides.