2012 Schedule

Good Morning Cruisers,

For those that missed the Blessing of the Bikes, you missed a good time.   Hopefully we’ll see you on the next ride.

As for the next ride, after the challenges of last year, I’ve decided I’m doing something different with the schedule.   Rather than add a bunch of rides that I may or may not be able to lead or may or may not be able to find Ride Captains for, I’m only adding rides to the schedule that have a confirmed Ride Captain whether that’s me or someone else.   I don’t want to have a bunch of great rides listed that just have to be cancelled because I can’t lead them all and don’t have someone else to help.   I do have 179’s schedule, and I’ll be adding those for anyone that may want to join them for rides.

Other than that, I’ll be adding rides as I have time to plan them and lead them and I’m looking for Ride Captains to help with others.  I’d appreciate it if everyone would at least consider leading a ride.   If all the members on this list lead one ride, we wouldn’t have time to get them all in.   Planning and leading a ride isn’t a difficult process and I’m happy to coach anyone through it that feels like they may be interested in helping but needs a nudge in the right direction.    As a Ride Captain, you get to call the shots on the time, route and destination or area.   If you want to help but don’t have areas or destinations in mind, I have plenty of suggestions.

If you’re willing to help by leading one or more rides (either with or without help) please let me know.